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Turn Your Website Into A Growth Machine

For Entrepreneurs, Web Designers, Web Developers, & Marketers.

“I went from one lead per week… to one every 8 minutes.”


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In case we haven’t had a chance to meet…
Hi, I’m Jess.

My mission is to turn websites into growth machines.

You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend months creating your website, launch, and get underwhelming results?

I think everyone that visits this page does.

The truth is… what used to work: create a website, then do marketing, doesn’t work anymore.

That’s why I created a system to eliminate all this wasted effort and money.

It’s the exact system I followed to turn my own situation around… in just three months my website generated 10,000 new leads and my list is still growing…

Like clockwork!

And the only difference between my website giving me anxiety and giving me leads is FOCUS (& FACEBOOK ADS). 

Let me explain…

This is me last year standing in front of my team of marketers.

I’m aggressively crossing out a pile of dog poo, saying… “Get rid of all the crap that’s on our website. Delete delete delete!”

That day we deleted 45 blog posts from my website. And The Imperfect Website was born.

What I teach is different than what anybody else is teaching and the uniqueness has to do with my background…

At Microsoft, I had this great career that took me all over the world.

I worked with these intelligent people who challenged me every day.

And we were on the Bing Engineering team.

Bill Gates’ favorite engineering team of all time. 

That chart shows Bing growing faster than Google in the United States from 2009 to 2015 which we did with 1/3 the engineers. 

And so the method that I use and teach is heavily influenced by my time at Bing… 

It’s also influenced by my time at this Web Design Studio – my first stop after leaving Microsoft in 2014.

I realized beautiful websites were being created by smart, creative people with lots of assumptions…

But not much data to help decide what copy, images, and call-to-actions would convert customers.

You see…

At Bing we used data to help us through almost every decision. To know if we were going in the right direction or not.

So a light bulb went off – something’s not right here.

I left the studio and started my entrepreneurial journey, launching a Marketing Agency to get all sorts of traffic (and data) to grow my client’s businesses.

My first hire was a PhD Data Scientist and I built the team around him. We soon learned how to get traffic flowing in our sleep and we had tons of data.

But there was a moment when I knew deep down – something else wasn’t right.

At the end of the day, THE HARDEST THING for us as Marketers was to get CONVERSIONS.

And as I was realizing this we were knee-deep into the Marketing Rat Race,doing what everyone else was doing and there was way too much noise.

After two years of soaking up everything I could about web design and online marketing, I was ready to INVENT A NEW WAY TO GROW.

I was ready to translate what we did at Bing – the way we grew fast in an incredibly challenging environment – outside of Bing using new tools and methods.

To do this, we had to quit just about everything so I could see clearly…

I had my team quit everything except FACEBOOK ADS.

And it became one of the main components of The Imperfect Website system.

A system developed from scratch to grow my client’s businesses. And once I saw how powerful it was… I knew it was ready to scale and help many more businesses stop wasting money on marketing and web design.

To get the word out, I applied The Imperfect Website to my own business in February this year and look at my subscriber growth!

Last year I had 45 blog posts, a team creating content and doing all my SEO, and my website generated 400 leads.

Sound familiar?

Now, I have 10K new subscribers on my mailing list, a website that works and I’m running it by myself.

My favorite part is that it’s not rocket science, KNOW you can do it too.


  • An incredibly simple Facebook Ad formula that is almost the opposite of what other FB Ads experts teach. This is the exact formula I used to get all of my traffic and pages converting.

  • How to stop guessing and get your customers to tell you what works and what doesn’t.
  • How to use rich, visual data for ridiculously faster results.
  • How to stop creating more and more and more content, and use that time to focus on other important areas of your business (while your website continues to churn out new leads and sales).


  • You have a website or you’re in the planning phase.
  • You want to get Facebook Ads working for you without the overwhelm.
  • You want your website to generate leads, sign-ups, and sales like clockwork.


Bonus #1-3: 3 Video Teardowns & FREE PDFs

These first three bonuses are called teardowns.

I essentially take a page from my website that’s converting phenomenally well and I break it down, teaching you how I did it so you can do it too.

– See my best performing page with a 44% conversion rate (webinar signups) and I’ll show you how I doubled it in only 3 days and $500 in Facebook Ads.

– Page #2, has a 38% conversion rate – perfect for Service businesses to book new client meetings from Facebook Ads & SaaS companies to generate free-trial signups.

– And page #3 is the article that grew my mailing list to 10K subscribers in 3 months.

Bonus #4: Growth Engine ‘Insurance Pack’

I know you or your clients always want to know how much this is going to cost, how much time this is going to take, and exactly what steps to take — so these 3 assets are designed to help you get started, and to manage your timeline and expenses. After you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier and you’ll get faster and faster – so you won’t rely on these forever.

Bonus #5: Data-Driven Agency Kick-Starters

Here’s an extra bonus for Agencies, Consultants, and Freelancers…

You’ll receive a letter of agreement that I developed myself, at the agency, that allows some flexibility so that you can use data to help guide the project instead of defining the whole project up front. One additional benefit of this agreement is that it shaves hours off of the RFP process. When I use this agreement, it only takes me anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete the whole discovery and proposal process, start to finish with any prospective client.

The 2nd asset is a PowerPoint template that you can use as you get clients and do data-driven design with them. This will be useful to you as you are presenting your results to your new clients.

Bonus #6: Imperfect Website Community

In Bonus #6, you’ll get exclusive access to the Imperfect Website Facebook Community to learn more best practices, see which ads are performing the best, which designs increase conversions, and more!

And every week I have open office hours twice a week where you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions whenever you get stuck, or just listen in and learn.


“Best advice ever. My ads are skyrocketing!”


“Wow. I learned more than I have in a long time!”


“I shared this with several others already. You have a welcoming ease about you which is rare in the industry.”


“I’m already getting better and more frequent leads. The course was very insightful even though I have 7+ years experience in internet marketing.”


“This is exactly the sort of information I need. I knew what A/B testing my site was but didn’t have a clue how to go about wrapping my brain around it. Thank you!”


“You mean I should stop all the other marketing that’s not working? DONE!”


“Marketing is not the weak link, say wah?! This is revolutionary thinking!”


“I have been referring your course like crazy – my friend took it and is equally as obsessed as I was🙂



– Instant access to all training videos

– 100% online, watch from any device

– Free product updates

– Email product support

– All bonuses including exclusive new content – Teardowns of my top 3 performing FB Ads and Pages

Join me and let’s get your website (& FB ads) working once and for all!


Only $687

or 3 payments of $247