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My free download teaches you the foundational elements of a successful website.

My free webinar gives you an overview of the “Growth Engine”, my unique approach to growing businesses online.

My (not free) video course fills in all the gaps and takes you step-by-step through the process.

It’s a whole system. It all works together. And it works for all business types and industries. — Cheers, Jess

The Definitive Guide To A Website That Works – FREE PDF

Learn how to turn your website into a growth machine with this FREE 30 page PDF download & 30 minute Video. In this guide, you’ll learn the Truth about Web Design and Marketing, How to get yourself out of the Marketing Rat Race with a flexible, smart website. Exactly how I use Mouseflow, the ‘Main Brain’ to discover and remove friction from my website. And how to avoid a very costly mistake that many entrepreneurs end up paying thousands to fix. [Hint: It has to do with Squarespace].

Download The Guide

4 Best Practices To Unleash Your Website’s Potential – FREE Online Workshop

This system gives you the exact formula to get from where you are now to that profitable, customer producing website — giving you new leads, downloads, and sales in an automated way. Wouldn’t you love an automated sales system? Join me! I’ll show you how it works.

Get this Conversion Cure and see how I’m getting a 44% Conversion Rate From Facebook Ads… and how you can too!  – $17

See my best performing page with a 44% conversion rate and I’ll show you exactly how I doubled it in only 3 days. In this 20 minute video, you’ll learn how to master 3 simple conversion fundamentals right from your own home!


NEW PRODUCT! The Online Marketing & Web Design A/B Testing Database — Limited Time Just $67

See 150 A/B tests from over 100 companies that span — eCommerce, Web Design, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Traffic, Email Marketing, and more…
This is a GOLD MINE! See conversion rate increases of over 400% with simple changes you can implement yourself. You’ll see sales increases, massive increases in leads, and so much more!

The Imperfect Website – Video Training Course – $687

The Imperfect Website video course can transform your business. Modeled after an approach we used on the Bing Engineering team (Bill Gate’s favorite engineering team of all time), in just two months, I went from one customer a week to one every 8 minutes using this system.


Need help creating your growth machine?

I’d love to help everyone get a working website, that’s one of the reasons why I created The Imperfect Website program — I knew it would allow me to help more businesses.

So I’m spending most my time these days coaching everyone in my Imperfect Website community (which you can learn more about on the webinar.)

And I’m also taking on a very limited number of clients for one-on-one Facebook Ads coaching – together we’ll get your Facebook Ads working in just 90 minutes!