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Hi, I’m Jess.

Founder of OnTheGrid.

“My website went from 0 leads to 1 lead every 8 minutes.”

And I teach 1,000’s of Entrepreneurs, Web Designers, Web Developers, and Marketers all over the world how to do the same.

You see…

I had a 13 year career at Microsoft split between Marketing and ENGINEERING.

Following my time at Microsoft, I was the Studio Director at a Seattle WEB DESIGN Agency and after that I started a MARKETING Agency called OnTheGrid and that’s where I developed this system that turned my website into a growth machine.  

I packaged the method up into video training and am now an online coach. You’ll learn that this is the same system I’m currently using to get crazy high conversion rates from Facebook Ads — my best landing page has a 44% conversion rate on cold traffic — no pixels, retargeting, or anything complicated at all really.

The methods I use and teach are heavily influenced by my 8 years on the Bing Engineering team at Microsoft — Bill Gates’ “Favorite Engineering Team of all time.” Bing grew a lot faster than Google in the United States from 2009 to 2015, with 1/3 the Engineers that Google had.

When I left Microsoft, I discovered that growing a business on the Internet was disorienting. Nothing seemed to work the way I thought it should…

I launched two websites and nobody visited. Nobody really cared.

And there was way too much going on… SEO, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE AD WORDS, BLOGGING, MORE SEO…

But I didn’t give up, I kept learning, experimenting, succeeding & failing (A LOT). And after two years outside Microsoft soaking up as much information as I could about Web Design and Marketing I was ready to create a new way to grow fast using simple tools and methods readily available.

But first, I had to clean up the digital mess my marketing team (and I) had created…

At the end of 2016, we deleted 45 blog posts from my website. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.

And a new way to grow was born. My website generated 10K leads in just 3 months and it’s still growing strong.

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