At OnTheGrid, we work with startups to accelerate marketing and generate early sales success.


How We Do Startup Marketing

We’ll gain measurable traction for your startup with hustle and data-driven decisions. That means we’re different, we don’t create Marketing plans based on instinct and hope — we’d just be wasting our time and your money. To move the needle, we instrument, run multiple tests and analyze data. Taking the guesswork out of the equation and using data to let your customers tell us what moves them to purchase.

Our team, led by a Data Scientist, will use various systems to see exactly what people do on your site.

We use advanced tools and research methods to increase SEO and Advertising effectiveness.

We A/B test our way to conversions and sales.

 Startups we’ve made happy

Our Startup Marketing Services

 Customer High Fives

After two false starts with other marketing firms, Jessica stepped in and immediately produced. She revamped the website and used lots of tests to hone a strategy based on hard data. Jessica is data driven and uses strong team members to leverage her capabilities. I have worked with many marketing people and she is the best hands down for producing solid results.

Jim Bosler
President, Cadence Online